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Dr. Shaheen Neshat Memorial Trust
(Reg. No: 6746/2001, Registered Under Trust Act 1882)

Aims & Objectives

1 To invite youths from the minority community to work for mainstream of nation, and to participate in nation building and to motivate for constructive and organizational work.
2 To provide and make arrangement to the minority people for different type of training such as swing-cutting, typing, shorthand, and computer etc. To motivate the people to work for government or non-government organization and to provide training for different type of commercial and official work to make them self employed.
3 To initiate and organize training programs for development of knowledge and skill of various category of professionalism and also for the successful launching of various income generating projects, for the minority youth durable assets, for the individual and the community and also to form self –employment for economic self –dependence.
4 To provide education for Urdu , Arabic, Diniyat and Farsi.
To render social services to the people of India irrespective of cast, creed and sex through educational, cultural and economic development programs for their moral and material well being.
The organization will provide help to the minority’s orphanages, helpless people and displaced families. To provide care and nourishment to the indigent aged sick and helpless people by setting up orphanage and social welfare homes and community correction centers/ Day care centers
The organization will try to provide basic and primary education to poor women and girls, orphanage, weak, deprived minorities.
To aware the villagers for plantation to protect the environment, the organization will also carry environment protection awareness programs, seminars, workshop to stop felling of tree.
To work for family planning, AIDS control, Pulse-Polio immunization.
The organization will work & provide help to displaced family & People, those are displayed due to natural disaster such as earth quake, flood, etc.
The organization will work for elimination of superstitions, dowry system, untouchibility, child marriage, divorce and to aware the people to fight against these.
The organization will train village farmers to promote agriculture, use of irrigation system and use of best quality seeds. The organization will work to construct road, bridge and well for the welfare, social achievements and moral up-liftment of farmers.
The organization will try to promote self-help body among poor women’s for the employment and also will try to make arrangement of “Baby House or Child Care Center” for their child –with the help of respective organization.
To start Research & Development Center, Computer Center, Medical Institution, Paramedical Institution & Hospitals.
To start maintain and launch rehabilitation centers, health center, Upchar Kendras, Drug immunization centers for the welfare of society.
To start, maintain and launch “Serva Siksha Abhiyan”, Primary Education centers, and to provide insurance to body working in these fields and to organize them.
The organization will work to promote for use of Ayurvedic Medicines, agriculture or farming of Ayurvedic Medicines.
To take all possible step for overall development of women folks, liberation of bonded labor, abolition of child labor and other evil practices prevailing in the society.
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