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(Remain operative since 2001 till date)

At educational front a madersa & primary school started on dated 01st January 2002 under the able guidance of a Urdu and Arabic knowing teacher giving the teaching of diniat and about noble person in Indian history in the morning and general education by teacher as per syllabus of Bihar government about 32 student are attending the classes and learning in the class. This is usually done in the day hours preference is given to girls of the minority community in "Darul Oloom Al- Shaheen"
Mobile medical clinic operating through hired van since 01st April 2002, this is usually done on hat days (market days) once or twice in a week by a qualified doctor go to the hat by van to meet the patient attending the market earlier this was done through hired vehicle but since the ambulance has been owned by the trust on dated 19th May 2005 it is pressed into service of the mobile clinic.
There is provision of Tilawate Quran (Quran khani) daily by a Maulana who usually perform after namaz fajir and do talawat (read Quran daily one para), all religious meet, all auspicious day celebration and ceremonial function like miladunnabi, annual competition of talawat ( good reading )of Quran on 20th March and other religious function like Shabebarat prayer religious meet for doa- khair of person attending fateha and others in general. Started in 2001 and continue through the days till today.
Publication of trust book MOHABBAT ZINDA RAHTI HAI 2002, written by Bibi Shamim Fatma, the book highlight the history of formation of the trust in Urdu, copies of the book has been purchased by govt. of Bihar through Ram Mohan Roy library foundation on dated 28th august 2006 and a Hindi translation is also published, available .
Perpetual lease of land has been given to the trust by Bibi Shamim Fatma-trustee
total arazi 5 and ½ katha(9570 Square feet) for the construction of building of the trust institution vide registration of the land deed number 1455 of dated 15th December 2003. The mutation of the land deed done by circle officer Mashrak on 8th March 2007.
Computer training institute started on 01st April 2003: this is the program of matriculation and above student on part time basis there is emphasis on Urdu language teaching through computer, apart from multilingual Hindi and English teaching. A computer has been obtained for this purpose. There are about 10 students enrolled and getting computer training on part time basis, the proposal has been accepted by NCPUL (National council for the promotion of Urdu language Ministry of human resources Govt. of India) and expected to support it for its better shape.
Al-Shaheen Trust Hospital become operative since 01st January 2004 this is mainly the out door work at present, with the help of specialist doctors joining its scope is getting wider and wider. Specialist attend the hospital on fixed date / weekly basis.
Al-Shaheen Paramedical college & Hospital is registered with Govt Of Bihar has started functioning from this session.
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